The Holidays and One Little Black Dress

I’m convinced that every in the fashion world or anyone who is interested in fashion thinks that you can’t wear an outfit twice… no one wants to be an outfit repeater. The truth is that you can wear the same dress more than once and have it look and feel like a completely different outfit.

With the holidays swiftly approaching us, it can be hard and stressful to decide what to wear, especially if you wait until last minute. The worst part is that Christmas and New Years are only a week apart from each other, which can put a little bit of pressure on you if you still have not decided what to wear.

Accessorizing is key. The shoes and even jewelry you wear can really make or break an outfit. Contrary to popular belief, you can wear a dress more than once and make it look like a completely different outfit. Keep reading, and I will show you how you can get through the holidays with just one little black dress and a handful of accessories.

First and foremost, make sure you have a little black dress. I would go for something simple and classic….or whatever is in your closet. The key to getting away with wearing it more than once is having a dress that is easily accessorized and made to look different. The simpler it is, the more you can do to it.

So, Step 1: Pick a little black dress or find one in your closet.

  1. Left: KAMALIKULTURE, Shirred Sleeveless Dress – from Nordstrom $74.00, Buy here!
  2. Right: Boohoo Long Sleeve Body-Conscious Midi Dress – from ASOS $17.50, Buy here!

Once you have your dress picked out it becomes fun, because you get to play around with different accessories, such as hair accessories, jewelry, belts and shoes! oh… don’t forget your hair also makes a difference!

Occasion #1
Company Christmas/Holiday Party

Let’s keep it nice and classy since it is a company event. This is the first time you’ll wear the dress, so you can go as accessorized as you want, or you can keep it very simple.


These Vince Camuto pumps will look fantastic with your little black dress. The gold metallic leather ankle straps provide a good contrast on the black suede from the shoe. Furthermore, the gold will make it easier to pick jewelry to complete the look!10861461

Vince Camuto: “Nayz” Pump (Women), $128.95, Buy here!


This Forever 21 will be the perfect contrast on the black of the dress, the best part is that you can wear the necklaces together as a set or you can separate them and wear them separately.


Forever 21: Faux Pearl Statement Necklace Set, $15.90, Buy here!

As for earrings, I wouldn’t do anything too extravagant, as the necklace will be the statement piece. Choose some small studs or small pearls to go with it.

This Forever 21 Set will give you different options for only $4.90. Buy here!00165475-01


To go with your gold ankle straps and gold jewelry, this gold clutch will be ideal!image1xxl

ASOS Quilted Box Clutch Bag, $51.00, Buy here!

The final touch…. your hair! In order to attract a lot of attention to the statement jewelry, I would go for an up do. I would give you all suggestions, but we all have different skills and hair lengths! Check Google images, or even Pinterest for beautiful ideas.

Occasion #2
Family Christmas Party

Unless you work with some of your family members or if you take a lot of pictures and upload them to social media, then I don’t think people will know that you repeated your outfit even if you accessorize in the same exact way… but to prevent your mental sanity and your conscience so that you can stop thinking of yourself as an outfit repeater, here is another way to style your little black dress.

In order to make this outfit stand out as completely different as the past, I would opt for colored shoes. I think that given the occasion, it gives for some red heels.


ASOS Harper Wide Fit Lace Up Heeled Shoes, $81.00, Buy here!


As far as jewelry, I would once again opt for something gold. Gold goes perfectly with both black and red. As opposed to last outfit with the very bold necklace, I would opt for a more subtle accent… allow the red from your shoes to be the accent piece.


Forever 21 Faux Pearl Statement Necklace, $6.90, Buy here!

This piece is extremely elegant, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money on this necklace, you can simply opt for the pearls in the past outfit’s necklace. Simply separate them and wear them!

As for earrings, simply re-use a pair from the previous set. Any will do!


This belt from Nordstrom will be the perfect touch, not only will it compliment the gold from your jewelry, but it will also compliment the red from your shoes!11636482

Elsie M: ‘Lohan’ Metal Plate Elastic Belt, $15.00, Buy here!

A red handbag or in this case a cross body will be the perfect finishing touch for this outfit. Wear it over one shoulder.00167382-05

Forever 21: Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody, $22.90, Buy here!

Lastly, your hair, anything will do. Personally, I would opt for some loose waves!

Occasion #3
New Years Eve Party

If you’ve made it through two holidays with the same little black dress, you will have to try a little harder this last time to really make an impression, but don’t worry, you’re basically at the finish line!

For New Years Eve, I would recommend wearing opaque black tights, but that is totally optional.


Make New Years Eve be all about the glamour and sparkles! Opt for these black glitter heels, they will look amazing with the black dress!


Jessica Simpson Veronica Glitter Pump, $59.95, Buy here!

In order to achieve a very elegant and glamorous look, I would opt for a pearl set. The set below from Target brings all you will need.miadora-silvertone-pearl-necklace-bracelet-and-earrings-3-piece-set-6-7mm-p15444974

Allure 3 Piece Pearl Earring Necklace and Bracelet Set, White – $21.00, Buy here!

In order to match your shoes perfectly, a black glitter bag is the perfect piece!


Nordstrom – Menbur: ‘Bornelh’ Satin Clutch, $68.00, Buy here!

You can’t tell me that this clutch isn’t absolutely beautiful!

To complete the glam look, I totally suggest this…11420258

Nordstrom: Faux Fur Stole, $98.00, Buy here!

Before I forget, the hair! To complete the glam look, I would recommend some 1940s vintage curls/waves for your hair. You could wand your hair and then brush it out, that might work too!

As far as make-up, I will not give any suggestions, as I know that everyone has different preferences, but for the last look… don’t forget the red lips!

I hope this post is helpful to you all. Don’t forget, as long as you accessorize differently, you will never be an outfit repeater. All of the accessories shown on this post can be great things to keep in your closet, you never know when you will need to switch things up. Also, they are all very easy to combine and mix and match. I tried to pick items which were accessible to all, but you can go as affordable or as expensive as you’d like!

If you do not have a little black dress in your closet, I suggest you run out and get one now! It’s an essential piece to every woman’s closet.

Happy holidays everyone!

Flo Barcelo

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. All pictures were found on the websites of the stores where you can purchase the items.


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  3. Awesome advice girl!! I will definitely buy myself a black dress!

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