MAC Obsession!

Hi Beauties!

Happy Friday!

Okay, so I wanted to share with you all a fabulous buy that I got while on vacation in Florida. I went to an outlet mall and they had a Cosmetics Company Store, which is basically a make-up outlet… can you say make-up lovers heaven? I know I did. They carry higher end make-up such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, etc and all at a discounted price!

So here’s my newest obsession!

“Object of Affection/Gold + Beige Pigments + Glitter”

I took a look at it online, and I believe that it is from the 2014 Holiday Collection. I am in love! These colors will never go out of style!


I am so in love with this product. For one, the packaging is beautiful! Take a look:

It’s the cutest thing in the world. Just the packaging screams fabulous and glamorous. It’s beautiful. I had to get it when i saw it. I paid around $28 but it was probably the best $28 that I paid. Like I said, it’s from a 2014 collection and if you try getting it online, probably on E-Bay, people are asking for about $90. I definitely got a bargain!

The best part of it all is that the bottles are filled to the top. I wouldn’t have thought that they would be, but I was so amazed. They are extremely cute because since it comes in a set, the bottles are smaller than the regular pigments that you would buy individually. I personally think that you get what you pay for.

These are the pigments, the set brings five in total:


There are four pigments and one glitter. The color scheme is beautiful. They are basically neutral colors and they will go great with anything and everything. You could match them up with each other and use them for a night out or even to wear to work or just for a day out. You could do anything you’d like with them.

The colors are extremely pigmented which is great. MAC never disappoints and all of their products are amazing.

Look at the swatches!


The colors from left to right are:

1. Pretty it Up – (Pigment) This was the first I watched and the one I loved the most. This is a shimmery, bronze-y, gold brown. Truth is a lot of people describe it as an olive with pearl color. I think my description was a little more creative.

2. Deep Brown – (Pigment) This color is extremely pigmented and I love it. It is a matte brown and a little will go a long way!

3. English Gilt – (Pigment) This color is a very bright champagne.

4. Lithe – (Pigment) This pigment is a nude with a peachy tint to it. Oh, and don’t forget the shimmery gold that it has!

5. Gold – (Glitter) This is basically gold glitter. It is beautiful!! The only thing is that since they are loose powders, it could get a little messy. This was the only one that wasn’t filled to rim, but it still brings a lot. This is perfect to finish off a gold smokey eye! Let your eyes sparkle ladies!

Not only are the colors extremely pigmented, but they apply very nicely. They apply beautifully, that’s the right word to use. Let me just say, a little goes a long way!

It probably won’t be easy to find this same set, since it is an older collection, BUT this is just proof that MAC Pigments are amazing. I totally suggest that if you have the extra bucks, you buy one to test it out. Your make-up collection isn’t complete without (at least) one MAC pigment. You can find the pigments online or at MAC stores.


Beautiful packaging, and an even more beautiful, amazing and stunning product! What’s not to love?!

Flo Barcelo

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  1. I got one similar to this for Christmas and I’m so in love with it! If you get the chance, check out MAC’s reflect in bronze, it’s one of my favourites!

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    • flobarcelo says:

      Omg! I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the MAC’s reflects. Next time I’m at the mall, I will check them out! I am absolutely in love with the pigments because they apply so beautifully!


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