MAC Obsession, x2!

Hey lovelies!

So for any of you who have been keeping up with my blog, you may have seen me going crazy over the MAC Pigments! These two items, I got on the same trip to the Cosmetics Company Store, at the Orlando Premium Outlets in Florida (USA). Words cannot describe how IN LOVE I am with these products. I bought these products at a discount and let me tell you, probably some of the best money I have spent, I am upset I didn’t buy more but I would’ve probably been more upset if I left broke.


  1. MAC Mineralize Blush in “Just a Wisp”

Oh my gosh! So this blush is a pale pink with a pearly finish/shimmer. It is the perfect shade of pink because it is not too bold, it is a very subtle color. The best part of it all? It can be used as both a highlighter/illuminator and blush all at the same time. This is great if you want to wear blush and double up on your illuminator. Why not?! Let your face glow! At the same time, you could simply skip out on the illuminator and just use the MAC Mineralize Blush as both a blush and illuminator. I promise you that this is a must have and a must wear if you are trying to achieve a very natural look. Literally, you can use just a wisp of blush and have it work for both! (Pun intended!)


This product is extremely light and cool toned. When I say light, I mean light as in formula and also light in color. I spent $19 on this product, and I got both an illuminator and a blush… can you say good deal!? MAC is a must have!

  1. Sheen Supreme Lipstick in “Good to be Bad”

This color is so beautiful, but it’s a little hard to explain what the actual color is like. “Good to be Bad” is a mixture of a red, burgundy, purplish with a hint of plum that is basically one of the most perfect dark lipstick colors that I have ever laid eyes on. The Sheen Supreme collection glides on so smoothly and perfectly on your lips, that it almost feels like the product is melting on your lips. Your lips will not dry out with this product, as could possibly happen with other lipsticks, especially liquid lipsticks. The formula is simply hydrating and it’s rich and creamy! Enough said!


You need to go get it! It is amazing! I’m not sure if you will find the same color, because as I said, it ws purchased at the Cosmetics Company Store/Outlet. It was about $14, which is probably $5 below the price of the lipsticks at the MAC Store.

Even if you don’t try these same exact products, I do suggest that you try any MAC products, because they are all amazing! I must admit, MAC never disappoints… I am in love!

Stay fabulous,
Flo Barcelo


  1. kelcij0 says:

    That blush is beautiful!! Love your blog xx


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