Too Faced Love!

Hey there lovelies!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and I hope your weekend starts out strong! I’ve been meaning to share with you all one of my favorite gift sets that I bought this past holiday season.

On one of my trips to Ulta, I was so torn between buying the Too Faced Le Grand Château set or the Vegas Nay Stardust palette. I was so torn and it was a super ard decision. The difference between the Stardust palette and Le Grand Château is that while the Stardust palette is literally only one palette, Le Grand Château brought three smaller palettes, all which brought either bronzer or blush. The prices only varied by a few dollars.

Too Faced: Le Grand Château

So first thing’s first! The packaging is absolutely beautiful.


It is literally a château! You pull the roof up and open the front, and voila! The palettes are revealed!


Saying that these palettes are cute is an understatement!

I know that you probably can’t find this product easily since it is from the 2015 Holiday Collection, but I just want to share with you how amazing Too Faced products are.

The set also came with a travel sized, Better Than Sex Mascara, but I cannot find it. Let me tell you, I am not sure if it’s actually better than sex, but it is an amazing mascara. When you really coat it on, your eyelashes look like the!

Each palette brings six eyeshadows and then either a bronzer or blush! That’s eyeshadows in total!

The tree palettes that come in this set are:

  1. Paris in Love
  2. Paris au Naturale
  3. Paris After Dark

I even love the names that they gave the palettes and eyeshadows. Literally cuteness overload!

FYI – all the colors are pretty neutral. Lots of browns and tans and pinks!

Paris in Love


Colors, from left to right:
1st row:
Amour-  A matte, cream/beige. Neutral color.
Fleur- Shimmery peachy, coral color. Very light, has orange undertones and a gold shimmer.
Je T’aime- Shimmery rosy-pink color. Very light. Similar to “Fleur,” but only difference is that this one is pink, while “Fleur” looks a little more peachy. Frosted shimmer.

2nd row:
Moi- Metallic, chocolate brown.
Chérie- Metallic gray, with a hint of ash brown.
Tout Suite- Darker than “Moi.” A warm, medium-dark shade of brown with bronze under-tones.

Jolíe- Warm toned bronzer. Shimmery, and almost gold.

These colors are super shimmery, but they are super pretty as well. The texture of all seven colors found on this palette are extremely soft and smooth. Some of the colors do apply very sheer, and do require some working in onto your skin. Personally, I would utilize the shimmery colors in this palette and combine them with other matte colors.


Paris au Naturale


Colors, from left to right:
1st row:
Pot Du Crème- An ivory, creme color. Perfect for an all over lid color as one of your firsst steps.
Fifi- A matte, taupe/tan color. Very light brown.
Le Femme- A matte, deep and dark brown. Applies dark in an effortlessly manner.

2nd row:
Bonjour- A golden, bronzy copper color. Mostly gold, shimmery.
Merci- A dark, shimmery brown.
Oui- Shimmery, black color with gold shimmer/gold glitter. Depending on how the light hits it, you can see the gold reflect the light.

Mademoiselle- A peachy, pink blush with orange undertones. Warm tones.

The colors in this palette are very light and natural. Unlike the other palette, Paris au Naturale has three matte shades (the top three) and three shimmery, pearly shades (the bottom three). Also, the blush, Mademoiselle, is matte, in comparison to the bronzer found in Paris in Love.


Paris After Dark


Colors, from left to right:

1st row:
Le Marais- White/pink, pearly and irridescent color.
Rendezvous- A mauve, taupe, grey-like color. Very light with a matte finish.
Provence- A shimmery, medium purple.

2nd row:
Parfait- A very light, metallic pink. Almost peachy in nature and irridescent.
Très Chic- This is a shimmery black. This shade has a purple shimmer. Depending on how the light hits, you can see the purple glitter in the color.
Noir- A matte black. As simple as that, there is nothing outrageous going on with this color.

Très Fab – A bright, matte pink.

The Paris After Dark Palette is definitely intended to create bolder looks, probably for the night-time. I really liked that this one has the color Provence, which looks very similar to one of the colors on the Vegas Nay, Stardust palette.


All together, I must admit that this set was a great deal. In total, you are getting 22 different colors (counting the bronzer and two blushes). 18 different eyeshadows is actually a great buy. These were definitely $49 well spent. It did not disappoint, and although the colors contained good pigmentation, some do require you to build them up. Most importantly, do not forget to use an eye-shadow primer, this will really help the colors pop. If you are ever shopping for make-up and see anything from Too Faced, I totally suggest you try them out, they will not disappoint.

Looks using these palettes to be uploaded soon… stay tuned!

Flo Barcelo

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