Beauty on a Budget = Très Chic!

Hey there lovelies!

I am just so thrilled to share one of my new eye-shadow palettes! I am so in love! You guys know I am huuuuge on getting good deals on make-up and I am definitely a beauty on a budget type of girl.

I am so in love with NYX Cosmetics and all of the wonderful things that they have.

Behold lovelies… The NYX Avant Pop, Nouveau Chic Palette!

*Angels start to sing*


There are just so many great things about this palette! Of course, I found it on a trip to ULTA and it was the last one! Can you say lucky?!

I just want to point out that I took similar pictures with different lighting because I really wanted to captivate the beauty of the colors.

First thing is first, the texture and feel of these eye-shadows is marvelous! They are so silky and smooth. The best thing about it is that the whole palette is extremely pigmented. I’m going to be one hundred percent honest, I took these pictures a few days ago, but I waited because I really wanted to use the palette before giving you guys a review.

So as I was saying, the colors apply beautifully and the best part is that the color lasts you all day. Let me share a secret with you… sometimes I forget to wear eyeshadow primer, and the colors still stay on fabulously.

This palette brings both matte and shimmery colors. You can totally attempt a one palette eye look with this! NYX has blown me away with this palette and words cannot describe how much I love it.

The best part of it all? It was only $16.99 and there was a buy one, get one 50% off when I went. And that same deal is still at ULTA, check out the palette here!

The colors help you create daytime looks, but you can totally come up with a bolder, nighttime look with this palette. The best thing is that all the colors go extremely well with each other. I love how natural the colors look and how easily blendable they are!


What can I say?! This is a must have! You will definitely get your money’s worth!

Stay tuned for a look with using this palette!

Don’t forget to comment below!

Flo Barcelo


  1. Great review! Check out my blog please I’m just getting started!


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