Fit and Fabulous!

Hey there lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I don’t know about you guys, but I am already dreading Monday.

Okay, so today I wanted to share with you guys a little Bare Minerals! I actually had never bought anything from bareMinerals, but one of my friends is always going crazy over it. She is always saying how the make up is absolutely amazing and worth the money!

On one of my usual trips to Marshall’s (my old job and store), I found some bareMinerals sets and I just had to buy them because they were at a great price. Truthfully, it kills me when they have their Compare At prices, and it’s even worse when I see the actual price from regular retailers.

I bought two sets, but the one I want to show you guys now is the “Fit and FABULOUS: 4-Piece Workout-Ready Collection.”



So, let me just say that I have been trying to focus a lot on me and bettering myself, so I’ve been trying to hit the gym more often, and I thought that this would be a great thing to buy to keep in my gym bag, and just for general every-day, natural look days.

There’s really seven items on this set if you count everything individually, and they are as follows:

3 elastic hair ties
1 Mini Purifying Facial Cleanser
1 Mini bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil in Translucent
1 Locked & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat
1 Jack of All Trades Lip Balm in Soul Mate


The products are really really cute and tiny! And I only paid $11.99, and the set had a $28 price tag, with a $52 value. When I see these things, I just can’t help myself!

Elastic Hair Ties

These are super cute, there’s really not much I can say about them! They’re cute and white, pink and black. What’s not to love?! Plus these don’t leave marks on your hair.

Mini Purifying Facial Cleanser

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a full sized facial cleanser, I knew it’d be small but it’s actually a pretty decent size. It also has a very neutral scent to it, so it’s definitely a must try. It’s a perfect size to throw in your gym bag to wash your face right after your work out. Your skin will feel very smooth, fresh, clean and tight after it! You don’t need to use a lot per wash, but if you’re one of those that uses the facial cleansers to also remove make-up, I’d use a little more. The best thing about the bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser with ActiveSoil Complex is that although it gives your skin a tighter feel, it doesn’t dry your skin out, as is common with other cleansers. If you can find the full-size of this product.. I totally recommend you test it out!

bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil in Translucent

Okay, what can I say? I actually really like this translucent powder. You can use it as a setting powder, but you can also use it to absorb extra oil on your skin. For me it is perfect because I have really oily skin, and after the gym it is one million times worse. It’s translucent, so don’t worry because as long as you use a little, you don’t have to worry about your face looking 10 shades lighter than your neck. It’s great because this powder diffuses the shiny look on your skin, leaving a matte and flawless look!

Plus, the packaging is adorable. When you open the compact, it has a little plastic that says “Hello.” How adorbs… Hello beautiful skin!

Locked & Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat

I am not a huge fan of anything waterproof on my eyelashes because I feel as if they get all clumpy when you try to take it off. So I’m not going to lie and say that I have tried it, because I haven’t. I think I am going to try it to go to the gym one of these days. I guess it’s really good if it’s raining or snowing…. God knows, with this Jersey weather, you need it with you everyday. It’s probably great for the gym, so if you sweat a lot, your mascara won’t come off.

Jack of All Trades Lip Balm in Soul Mate

I am actually wearing this lip balm right now. It is amazing. It has a nice color and pigmentation to it. It is extremely light and smooth on your lips. It literally glides on easily. The color is very similar to my lip color, so I don’t really see much of a difference, it just leaves a little gloss. The texture is beautiful. I cannot complain. I am not swatching it for you guys, because it will literally look like nothing is on my hand, that’s how light the color is. The color is a sheer, taupe/mauve color… it’s beautiful!

Overall, I think that I got this bareMinerals set for a great price. Would I buy again if I could? Of course! I am totally considering these products in full size. Give it a try guys!


Lots of love,

Flo Barcelo

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