The Lovely Blogger Award

Hey there lovelies!

First and foremost, I just want to apologize for being M.I.A. after the last video upload. I am working on new content, and promise to be more active!

So now, onto official business!

Thank you so much to CiCi, the beautiful author of the amazing blog CiCi | Beauty, books, and everything in between for nominating me for the Lovely Blogger Award. Click the link to see her blog!

Not only has she become my blogging BFF, but she runs an amazing blog, filled with product reviews, as well as flawless and eloquently written posts. Your feed is not complete without her. One of the most supportive gals I have come across in my short time blogging!

This is my first ever nomination, so thank you CiCi!


Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image and must add 7 facts about them. Then, don’t forget to nominate 15 people!

7 Facts About Moi!

  1. When I was 6 years old, I moved to the United States from Uruguay. I have not seen most of my family since 2001. I miss them more and more each day that passes. I just pray to God that he gives me the sufficient time to see everyone again.
  2. I was admitted into the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC twice. I made my schedule twice, but unfortunately had to withdraw right before classes started because I couldn’t afford to pay for it. I lament it everyday. It’s my dream in life to go back into the Fashion Institute and prepare myself to build a career on something that I love.
  3. The week after my high school graduation, when I was 18, I went into Atlantic City. For anyone who doesn’t know, the legal age to gamble is 21. I went with my aunt who had come to visit for graduation. I got caught, taken to the security room, had to call my dad to pick me up, got told that I can’t go back to the hotel or casino until I send an apology letter, and had to go to court. Thankfully, everything got dropped thanks to a wonderful public defender. The worst part? I didn’t win anything, and now I’m practically banned from the Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. Moral of this story & fact: Don’t go to a casino if you’re under 21.

  4. Throughout my time in high school and middle school, I participated in five musicals and four plays. The play and musical seasons were all I looked forward to every school year. It was always a way to break free and express myself. I never went for the leads, I just wanted to be an actual character, with a name and some lines to say!
  5. My junior year in high school, I found out that I was ranking somewhere between 9th and 11th out of a class of almost 430 students. Freshman year, I promised myself and my family that I would make it to the top five. Don’t ask me how I did it, or what I did, all I know is that I sacrificed hours of sleep and tried my absolute hardest, and within a year, I made it to 5th rank…. a dream come true. It was a great accomplishment and it was a tremendously satisfying feeling.
  6. Binge watching shows never works for me. I don’t necessarily lose focus, my problem is that I focus too much, and it almost becomes like a temporary obsession. I can’t deal with inconclusive endings, and I always…always want to know more. I couldn’t finish Grey’s Anatomy, it was too emotionally frustrating for me.
  7. I have a lot of beauty marks on my face. Growing up, I was always bullied and made fun for it, people gave me nasty nicknames, but slowly I learned to love them and embrace them. At the end of the day, we are who we are and we all look a certain way, but no matter what, you have to learn how to love yourself.

My nominees!

Everything and Nothin’


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The Insider Daily

BethalyLoveBeauty | Lets get Lippie XO


Ryulala | Makeup Artist | Stylist


Dude, Where’s my lipstick?



Beauty by the Bunny




Thanks so much for reading guys! I can’t wait to learn a little bit about each and every one of you!

There are so many amazing beauty blogs out there, to all of you mentioned above, as well as CiCi and everyone reading this… keep up the fabulous work!
Stay Fabulous
Flo Barcelo

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