Let’s Glow With That Glow!

Hey there lovelies!

Once again, my apologies for going MIA! It’s been approximately two months… sorry, I feel horrible! I actually have been computer-less, and I am limited on what I could do on my phone and iPad. As I was working on new content for all of you, my computer shut off and refused to turn back on until recently! So once, again, I am so sorry! I promise I will make it up to you!

On my last post, Become a Rewards Queen! I mentioned the Plenti card and going to Macy’s. On that Macy’s trip, I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow!

Oh my gosh… have I been missing out! I finally understand what all the hype was about. I must admit that I had a super hard time picking which one to buy, as there are two Glow Kits: That Glow Gleam.

I really liked Gleam, but I thought more of a blush/illuminator combo. Then, I really really loved That Glow, but I really couldn’t make up my mind, so I had to ask the sales associate for some assistance on which one she thought would fit my complexion better.

Alas! Behold! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow!


Isn’t it a beauty?!


The colors are amazing and so perfectly pigmented. This glow kit is a staple product in every person’s make-up collection. All of the colors from this kit help provide a very natural looking glow and highlight that will last you all day! I mean, what more can you ask for? And did I mention, it works well with different complexions?!

I literally love just looking at it. There are four colors that come in That Glow, and they are:

  1. Sunburst
  2. Golden Bronze
  3. Bubbly
  4. Dripping in Gold



When I first looked at this color, it made me think of the color “Banana” from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, it’s just a shimmery version. This is the lightest color in the kit! This is also one of the more intense highlighters from the kit. This is a white, yellow gold highlighter, when you swatch it, it reminds me of a pearls.


At a first glance, “Golden Bronze” looks a little dark, but it applies beautifully. This is a medium, almost dark bronze color. But the best way to describe it is as a golden bronze, as it has gold undertones. From the Glow Kit, this is the darkest color.


“Bubbly” is a more subtle highlighter. This is a subtle gold color, the best way to describe it is a rose gold, champagne-like color. This is probably one of my favorite colors from the Glow Kit. Perhaps it’s named “Bubbly” because the color reminds one of champagne?!


From the pictures, “Dripping in Gold” looks very similar to “Bubbly.” This color is a lighter shade of gold, and it is more of a yellow gold. In comparison to “Bubbly,” this appears to be slightly darker.


All in all, they are all highly pigmented and they are absolutely beautiful. I have no words to describe this Glow Kit, because I absolutely love it! All four are my go-to highlighters. Like I said, they are very pigmented, and sometimes you decide how intense you want the color by either applying once or going over it twice. They apply beautifully!

You can get your own at Sephora, ULTA & even Macy’s for $40!

What do you guys think? Aren’t these kits absolutely beautiful?!

Comment below and tell me what you guys think! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Lots of love,

Flo Barcelo


  1. This highlight kit is gorgeous!! I have it and haven’t been using it for some crazy reason!! I’m going to use it tomorrow for sure!


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  2. CiCi David says:

    Bubbly looks good!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lin says:

    These are so beautiful!!!

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