Fall Fashion Tips

Hello, hello, hello! Guess who’s back?!

I’m so sorry for these long three months of inactivity! My computer has been down this whole time, hence my lack of posts! I have definitely been thinking of you all this time and coming up with fresh new ideas for new content! I cannot believe that it has been three months since my last post… time does fly.

Speaking of time flying past, can you believe that it is September?! The summer is over, and you know what that means? Fall is around the corner. Beware: it’s once again the time for pumpkin spice, UGGs, big sweaters, boots, cooler weather… and most importantly, a whole bunch of weather confused people.

I absolutely love the fall, but I hate it at the same time, when it comes down to finding what to wear! It’s just like…. Okay, make up your mind; it’s either really cold or really hot! This is absolutely why people look so weather confused in the fall… I’m usually one of them too, but I also try to keep a couple extra things in the car, just in case I need to have an emergency wardrobe change because I’m either freezing or sweating my make-up off. So, if you’re like me and could use some help getting ready for work in the fall, this post is for you!

I have to admit, if I’m at home or just hanging out, then it really doesn’t matter, going to work becomes an issue. I work at a small office, and although you don’t have to go in pantsuits or dress pants, you have to look professional, neat and presentable.

Girls! Take notes!

  1. Be creative and layer up!
    Layer up your outfits and literally be creative! Personally, I don’t fully switch out my closet until it starts to get super cold, yet at the same time, I transition slowly and start to pull out things as I need them. The fall is the perfect time to layer up with chunky sweaters and vests. You can create some really cute and funky looks! Do you want to throw on a skirt or pants and then pair it up with a short sleeved shirt, a cardigan and then a furry vest over it? Go right ahead! What’s stopping you? The good thing is that if you start to get warm in the course of the day, all you do is take it all off.
  2. Dusters, cardigans, sweaters, blazers = Your Fall Wardrobe BFFs
    Okay, so this is the one and only way where you can have the best of both worlds. The fall is the transition period between summer and winter, so go right ahead and continue to wear your summer clothes, and then just pair everything up with sweaters, cardigans, dusters, etc! So you still want to wear those super cute summery or sleeveless dresses? Don’t let the bipolar and confusing weather stop you! Wear your dress and pair it up with a blazer and a nice pair of heels… after all, if it gets a little too warm, you can just take the blazer off and call it a day! And guess what? If you start to get cold, then you put it back on. Maybe your dress is short and you think that you’ll get cold, throw on a duster and call it a day!
  3. Hello, lace up heels!
    Just because it is the fall does not mean that you can no longer wear your open toed heels and your lace up heels! Like, hello! I think that it is the prime time to wear those super cute lace up, suede heels. Sometimes, it becomes an issue in the summer if you’re wearing suede heels because let’s face it, your feet may sweat and you don’t want the suede getting messed up. It is the perfect time. Plus, guess what?! You can use tips 1 & 2 to make sure you don’t get cold! Also, you don’t necessarily have to wear it with dresses or skirts… you can always throw on a pair of black pants, or if your workplace is like mine and it allows jeans… go for it!
  4. Wear tights!
    So maybe in the beginning of the fall you can still get away with wearing your dresses and skirts without tights, but once it starts to get chilly out, you have to reconsider! Tights will be your best friends, but not as close as your sweaters, blazers and dusters. Personally, I am not a huge fan of tan/nude tights, I usually flock towards dark/back opaque tights, but of course, wear what you are most comfortable in… be creative!
  5. Wear midi length skirts and dresses!
    This is definitely self explanatory, but I think that it is such a great tip! Who says you have to stop wearing skirts and dresses just because the weather is changing? Wear knee length, or midi length dresses and skirts. There are so many options out there in terms of midi length clothing, that you could totally come up with some cute ensembles! Mix and match and be creative!
  6. Bootie season!
    This, aside from it being pumpkin spice season, has got to be the best thing…. boots and booties! You can pair up a nice pair of boots or booties with almost anything! Boots are what can help you compensate for the short length of your dresses and pants. Obviously, I’m not saying wear a mini-skirt and over the knee boots, but boots can definitely compliment your outfit and most importantly keep your feet warm!
  7. Did someone say accessories?
    Fall is for sure the season to accessorize with hats, scarves and ponchos! Hello… once again, be creative! Maybe you want to throw a cute scarf around your neck, and guess what? If you get cold, you can easily take it off and wrap it around your arms. I love ponchos too! They can look absolutely gorgeous on you, regardless of what you’re wearing below it. Just match it up with the rest of your accessories and a nice belt, that way you can accentuate your waist and it doesn’t look like you threw a blanket over!

See my Pinterest Style Board below to get some visuals on my favorite fall looks for women!


Click here to see my Women’s Fall Fashion Tips board!

Guys! I didn’t forget about you! Pay attention!

I mean, obviously I am not a guy, but I can definitely give you some advice on how to dress for the fall, and specially in keeping it professional. I must admit, I feel that it is so much easier for men than it is for women; there’s less options, and that makes it so much simpler.

  1. Could you please roll up your sleeves?
    Going into the fall, I think that it is best for men to wear long sleeve button down shirts. If you get hot, then just roll up your sleeves! Not only will it help you cool off a bit, but you will get all the girls! Who doesn’t love a well-dressed and well groomed man with rolled up sleeves? Anyways, bottom line, I suggest long sleeves!
  2. Sweaters, Blazers and Cardigans = Your Fall BFFS!
    This is definitely something that applies to both men and women… obviously. Maybe you won’t listen to me and you won’t wear a long sleeved button down, but I’m sure you’ll be reaching out for a sweater or blazer to keep you warm in the morning.
  3. Layer up!
    Pair up that nice button down shirt with a nice sweater over, making it so that you only see the collar of your button down shirt! This should keep you warm, and if you get too warm, then just take the sweater off… and roll up your sleeves!

See my Pinterest Style Board below to get some visuals on my favorite fall looks for men!



See my Men’s Fall Fashion Tips board here!

Unisex tip!
Be comfortable and be creative!
At the end of the day, you are spending a large chunk of your day at work, so guess what?! Comfort is a must. When I say comfort, I mean both a physical comfort, and comfort in which the clothes that you wear make you feel good about yourself. With this being said, be creative! Remember that at the end of the day, although what you wear does not define you, it does show personality! So let who you are shine through!

Speaking of comfort.. do you know what’s the most important part and element of being comfortable at work? It’s not what you wear that other people can see, it’s actually what is underneath. Wearing the right kind of underwear can almost be empowering. Personally, I feel like there is nothing better than wearing a sexy and matching pair of underwear and bra. What do you ladies think? The same applies to men. It is of utmost importance to have comfortable underwear underneath your clothes. If you want to get through the day with comfort and confidence, you must give thought to not only what you wear on the outside, but also what you wear underneath your clothes. Guys, if you are looking for the utmost comfort under your clothes, then I suggest you check-out Tommy John’s underwear line! Ladies, if you know your man is in need of comfortable underwear… look no further!

Check out Tommy John’s underwear line here!

What are some of your fall fashion tips and your favorite fall looks?

Comment below!

With love!
Flo Barcelo




  1. CiCi David says:

    Great tips, Flo! 😀 I love Fall season and your post is definitely helpful! I’m so glad you are back!! I miss my blogger BFF! ❤️


  2. Genesisnvibe says:

    8 SWEATERS Styles To Wear This Fall


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