The Day Carli Bybel and I Became BFFS

Hello my fellow beauty enthusiasts!

Thank you for once again checking-in! You will not believe how happy I am to finally be blogging again and producing new content for you all. My apologies if my title was a little misleading… but I absolutely love Carli Bybel! In my own little world, she is my BFF. I mean, who would not want to be friends with someone who creates such an amazing product.

So today for you all, I have the Carli Bybel Palette by BHCosmetics.

You may have seen this palette in one of my previous posts: Why I Love BH Cosmetics. I bought this palette on one of my many trips to Ulta. This palette can be bought through Ulta in stores, online and also through BHCosmetics. At $14.50, you cannot go wrong!

dsc_0885This palette has 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. You could also use the highlighter as shimmery shadows! Once this palette is in your possession, then you can do whatever your heart desires. Honestly, it is a fabulous deal. I always like to do the math as if I am buying things individually, and you’re really only paying a little over $1 per color! You can’t beat that. Plus, if you’re buying through Ulta, you can use your points towards this purchase… that’s what I did, and I saved $9, so in reality I only paid $5.50 for mine.

Just like the other BHCosmetics products that I have reviewed on my blog, this palette is wonderful! It is amazing! This is such a fabulous buy. dsc_0887Everything about this palette is great. I think that the packaging is super cute and fabulous as well. Once you open up your palette, you will find a mirror, and then right below it, it says “Aspire to Inspire.” How beautiful! I think that this quote shows such drive and motivation behind its creator! Absolutely beautiful.

The product is set up so that there are two rows of five eyeshadows on the top, and then there is a row with the four highlighters/illuminators at the bottom.

I would definitely classify this palette as being a neutral palette… all you need to know is that the colors are beautiful. There are both shimmery and matte eyeshadows in this palette, but they are mostly shimmery.


See below for swatches!


These are the swatches for the first row of eyeshadows. The swatches are arranged in the same order as in the palette, but they go from top to bottom.

Can you say absolutely beautiful?! The only color that doesn’t show too much is the top one, which is a nude, almost banana-like color. I’m sure that with an eyeshadow primer or a little bit of concealer the colors will even look more vivid.

These are the swatches for the second row of eyeshadows. The swatches are arranged in the same order as in the palette, but they go from top to bottom.

This second row of eyeshadows consists of shimmery colors, but they are so pretty. I would say that I have a favorite color from this palette, but I would be lying… all of the colors are my favorite. The reason why I love these so much is because just like the rest of the BHCosmetics eyeshadows that I have tried, they apply very smoothly and they are highly pigmented. Do you see how much the colors stand out? Especially on the second set of swatches.

The highlighters are just as beautiful! See below for the swatches.


They highlighters are very similar to some of the shimmery eyeshadows! So, once again, you can use them as both. It’s just a matter of becoming inspired and coming up with new ideas!

I cannot wait to create some looks with this palette. I think that given the colors, it is perfect for the fall! Regardless, this is a neutral palette, so you can use it anytime, and by pairing it with other eyeshadows, you can create both day-time and night-time looks!

dsc_0880I would definitely buy this again…in a heartbeat! I think that the price is great, especially when you take into consideration that you are getting a fabulous product that is of great quality. If you’re unsure, then you can always stop by an Ulta to check it out, see if it convinces you.

Have you tried out the Carli Bybel palette? What about any other products by BHCosmetics? Don’t forget to leave your comments below! I love hearing from you all and getting your feedback.

Stay fabulous!

Flo Barcelo

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