Say Hello to Scentsy!

Hi there my beautiful followers!

Have you heard about Scentsy?! Okay, so anyone who knows me personally will know that I am not allowed to have candles at home. My mom thinks that I will burn the house down.

Scentsy is the best option for people like me because they are basically flameless candles. I came across Scentsy thanks to one of my friends from high school.


So Scentsy basically consists of wax warmers that basically serve the same purpose as candles. What’s the best thing about Scnetsy? It’s absolutely safe to use with no flames, smoke or soot! What more can you ask for?! Oh wait… the prices are fabulous too!

There are so many products you can pick from! Also, there are many scents to pick from… these are some of them!

The best part of Scentsy is that there are lots of warmers to pick from, so you can match it to your home decor. Your options are endless! There are electric warmers that get plugged into an outlet, and there’s also tabletop warmers.

You can also find warmers for the holiday season! See this cute little guy below!


Scentsy makes great gifts for the holidays! They have gifts under $60, under $25 and under $15! I definitely suggest you guys check it out! For a full selection of scentsy products, you can check out their website here!

For more information about Scentsy, please reach out to one of the most fabulous Scentsy consultants, she will give you all of the information that you will need! Your point of contact is:
Pamela Basmadjian

What are your thoughts on Scentsy?! Leave your comments below!

Flo Barcelo

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  1. KimandMakeup says:

    I’m obsessed with Scentsy’s Blueberry Cheesecake!

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